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Dandoy sports is an expert retailer of table tennis equipment but it goes far beyond that ! Althrough the years his team has widened and every member became an expert at your service. Our team is there to advise you or guide you to find the adequate combination of rubber(s) or/and blade(s). In this purpose we selected a wide range of rubbers and blades to suit any player demand from beginner to professional. The aim of this blog is to go a step further by giving relevant advices that will help you inhence your game whatever your level is. As passionate player you will find all the information you are looking for on equipment, health,…

You will even find professionnal players interviews . Enjoy ! 

Section 1 : Table tennis 

In this section, you will find the latest news about table tennis in Belgium, in Europe or worldwide.

Get information on : 

  • Learn more about your favorite sport thanks to different advises, tutorials, several technical fact sheets, videos and more. 
  • Read technical fact sheets to find the available table tennis Federation documents and all the official rules. 
  • The sports events going on or not to miss will be shown, too. Competition of any kind and different events about table tennis. 

    You will also find informations about a table tennis organization you would like to join. 

Section 2 : Table tennis players 

What better way than look up to the best table tennis players that are part of the history to learn more about your favorite sport. Noone will be forgotten : women,men, young, children, handicaped players,… You will be able to follow them on real time and much more. Discover our interviews and our original stories that will enable you to get to know the unique personnality of well known professionnal players. 

Section 3 : Equipment 

Because we do know that having the right equipment helps you play the best way possible, you will find in this section all the important advices on playing material (blades, rubbers, balls) or on the clothes you need (shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits,…). Check out our different technical fact sheets, find all your favorite brands (Stiga, Joola, Butterfly, Dsports,…) and enjoy our original gift ideas. 

Section 4 : Health 

To play table tennis in the best way possible, being good at it is not enough. Therefore, you will find in this section the best advices about health and diet that will allow you to be, to become or to keep up the good work ! Thanks to these advices, you will enjoy playing table tennis in a healthy way. 

Section 5 : Dandoy 

Who are we ? What do we do every day and on the long-term for you ? What is our philosophy ?What are the values we believe in and we defend? We will tell you everything on Dandoy sports ! From the founder of this company to the employees. There will be interviews. We will try to make you feel or understand how everything goes on ? 

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