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SpinLord Dornenglanz II Ref. G1853

New rubber SpinLord Dornenglanz II is not just a new version of Dornenglanz. Although the pimples have almost the same size, Dornenglanz II is a completely new rubber. The pimples of Dornenglanz II are medium-hard and very elastic. Its pimples tops are also slightly shiny like those of Dornenglanz, but they have less friction. Dornenglanz II is the first long pimple out rubber, that is very good for all kind of strokes, and still is very dangerous. Dornenglanz may be a little bit more dangerous for blocking, but Dornenglanz II is superior in every other way. Dornenglanz II is excellent for chopping and attacking and even for blocking it is almost as good as Dornenglanz. It is easy to control and all strokes played with this rubber have a very short and flat trajectory. Dornenglanz II is perfect for skilled players who are looking for a rubber that is a little bit faster, harder and more dangerous then Agenda and Blitzschlag without being less versatile. And not to forget, the pimples of Dornenglanz II are more durable then those of Dornenglanz. Please note that Dornenglanz II is made with a very special rubber formula. It can't be prevented that after production some very small parts of resin remain to be found between the pimples.
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Manufacturer SPINLORD
Country of the brand
Type No
Thickness No
Pimples Long pimple
Hardness No
MainColor No