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TSP Spinpips Red Ref. G31062

TSP Spinpips has been an absolute classic for decades and is one of the most popular pips-out rubbers worldwide. Many important titles were won with Spinpips, even today numerous top players rely on the unique features of this legendary pips-out rubber.

Spinpips Red is the softer and faster Spinpips version with built-in Dynamic Tension Technology. The very lightweight offensive sponge produces unique catapult effect and tons of speed. The proven Spinpips pips-out geometry delivers great spin and will give your opponents a hard time. The red high-performance sponge of Spinpips Red is softer and faster than the sponge of Spinpips Blue.
Product Name Price Qty
  TSP Spinpips Red Red 1.5
  TSP Spinpips Red Red 1.8
  TSP Spinpips Red Red Max
  TSP Spinpips Red Black 1.5
  TSP Spinpips Red Black 1.8
  TSP Spinpips Red Black Max

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Manufacturer TSP
Country of the brand
Type OFF
Thickness No
Pimples Short pimple
Hardness Soft
MainColor No