Victas VJ>07 Limber Ref. G31138

VJ > 07 Limber is a highly elastic OFF rubber “Made in Japan”. Thanks to the new, slightly thinner pips structure, this rubber enables variable offensive playing both in close-to-the-table and in mid-distance rallies. The new soft tension sponge provides for great sound and excellent feel which will reduce the number of faults you produce. VJ > 07 Limber is an elastic “feel-good” OFF rubber with perfect ball feedback and excellent catapult and sound effect which leaves nothing to be desired for variable topspin players.
Product Name Price Qty
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Red 1.8
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Red 2.0
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Red Max
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Black 1.8
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Black 2.0
  Victas VJ>07 Limber Black Max

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Manufacturer VICTAS
Country of the brand
Type OFF
Thickness No
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Soft
MainColor No