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Pimplepark Wobbler Ref. G31120

Wobbler is a long pimpled rubber, which was one of the first pimpled rubbers specifically developed for the plastic ball. It was designed for disruptive players close to the table. The slightly grippy, medium-hard pimple surfaces enable players to perform very good pushing strokes that are difficult to return by opponents.

Moreover, the rubber allows for very short passive blocking right over the net. However, when playing more actively, players can also perform long shots that are difficult to predict. The ox version is suited for active disruptive players close to the table. The sponge versions offer more potential for attacking options, particularly for technically skilled players.
Product Name Price Qty
  Pimplepark Wobbler Red OX
  Pimplepark Wobbler Red 0.5
  Pimplepark Wobbler Red 1.0
  Pimplepark Wobbler Black OX
  Pimplepark Wobbler Black 0.5
  Pimplepark Wobbler Black 1.0

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Manufacturer PIMPLEPARK
Country of the brand
Type No
Thickness No
Pimples Long pimple
Hardness No
MainColor No