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Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL Ref. G20072

With the Dominate All Blade, our weapon for all-round players, we are targeting two types of players:
The progressive long pimple player: The Blade offers more speed then classic modern defensive blades. Therefore, offensive strokes are easier to play, to put pressure on the opponent to provoke mistakes. This extra speed is very well for the aggressive backhand push with long pimples. Fast but well placed balls can be pushed with high precision. Whilst the forehand impresses with perfect speed for spinny topspin’s and fast smashes’. By the way: The Easy P long pimples in the backhand are a perfect combination with this blade.
The classic all-round player: You are looking for a blade that is an extension of your arm, and that delivers the perfect feeling? The well-balanced and specially picked veneers of this blade deliver that. Through the medium hard touch of the blade, Topspin’s and Chop’s can be played with an extra long contact, which leads to a maximum of spin and accuracy. Furthermore, the control whilst blocking is exceptional. Even the hardest Topspin’s can be returned, giving the player the highest safety and courage to win the point more often. By the way: The Secret Flow Chop in the backhand is a perfect combination with this blade.
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  Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL Anatomic
  Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL Flared
  Sauer & Tröger Dominate ALL Straight

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Manufacturer SAUER & TRÖGER
Country of the brand
Handles No
Blade type ALL
Layers 5
Blades Feeling No