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Sauer & Tröger Easy P Ref. G21825

After we have successfully introduced our special rubbers for pimple players, we are proud to present another long pimple rubber – called Easy P, the “easy to play pimples”. The Easy P will set new standards in the long pimple strategy for every player that likes to play close to the table. During the development process we put the focus on controllability and easy to play combined with a maximum of affectivity, to play close to the table. Due to a special production process we have developed pimples that are extremely slow. Topspin strokes can be blocked very early and sometimes returned whilst the ball is still rising. Blocks can be controlled very easily and therefore, the ball can be returned very accurately to interrupt the opponent’s flow. Another special of the Easy P is aggressive pushing against backspin or balls without spin. Due to a maximum of spin insensitivity the Easy P can be used very effective and successful for all levels of players. Try the Easy P and improve your long pimple play close to the table!
Product Name Price Qty
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Red OX
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Red 0.5
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Red 1.0
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Black OX
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Black 0.5
  Sauer & Tröger Easy P Black 1.0

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Manufacturer SAUER & TRÖGER
Country of the brand
Type ALL
Thickness No
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Medium
MainColor No