Stiga Horizontal 20 Ref. G276

STIGA Vertical and Horizontal are our latest long pimple rubbers, developed in close collaboration with former Japanese National Team player Masato Shino.

The pimple structure of the Horizontal 20 and Horizontal 55 is placed in a horizontal angle providing more effective spin and a variety in your game. The pimple structure for Vertical 20 and Vertical 55 is placed in a vertical angle providing extra control and stability in your defensive strokes.

The Vertical 20 and Horizontal 20 have an extra soft 20-degree hardness of the sponge while the Vertical 55 and Horizontal 55 have a 55-degree sponge, giving the player using the 20-degree more control and feeling for all kinds of defensive strokes.

These rubbers are made in Japan and developed specially for the ABS-ball to increase the spin of the modern defensive game.

Horizontal pimple structure with 20-degree sponge hardness.

• Horizontal pimple structure.
• 20-degree sponge hardness.
• High control because of the soft sponge.
• More effective spin and variety in your game.
• Pimple structure gives high spin without sacrificing any control.
• Developed for the ABS-ball.
Product Name Price Qty
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Red OX
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Red 0.5
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Red 1.1
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Red 1.5
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Black OX
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Black 0.5
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Black 1.1
  Stiga Horizontal 20 Black 1.5

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Manufacturer STIGA
Country of the brand
Type DEF
Thickness No
Pimples Long pimple
Hardness Soft
MainColor No