Stiga Nostalgic Offensive Ref. G806

The Nostalgic Offensive is a 5-ply blade build with the same hand selected middle veneers used in the Offensive Classic, however for the outer veneer we use a hard yet elastic natural wood called “Wenge”.

Offensive 5-ply blade.
Handmade in Sweden.
Developed for the ABS-ball.
Made with environment friendly Adhesives.
Same hand selected middle veneers as the Offensive Classic.
Solid handle in hard yet elastic Wenge material. Uniquely designed metal lens.
Made for the offensive player with a lot of feeling.

Product Name Price Qty
  Stiga Nostalgic Offensive Master
  Stiga Nostalgic Offensive Straight
  Stiga Nostalgic Offensive Penholder

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Manufacturer STIGA
Country of the brand
Handles No
Blade type OFF
Layers 5
Blades Feeling hard