Victas V>15 Limber Ref. G21916

The ultimate weapon for spin-oriented offensive players! V > 15 Limber is an elastic high-end offensive rubber with excellent spin features and catapult effect. Feel the power and elasticity of the soft 40° offensive sponge and experience the enormous spin potential of the innovative top rubber sheet! Modern offensive players who rely on spinny, variant-rich topspin play will enjoy a whole new dimension of opportunities with V >15 Limber!
Product Name Price Qty
  Victas V>15 Limber Red 2.0
  Victas V>15 Limber Red Max
  Victas V>15 Limber Black 2.0
  Victas V>15 Limber Black Max

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Manufacturer VICTAS
Country of the brand
Type OFF-
Thickness No
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness No
MainColor No

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