Yasaka Elfrark Ref. G758

Yasaka rubber ELFRARK – pimple out rubber – hit a strong smash with high speed!

ELFRARK is a pimple out rubber causing a tricky game because thanks to slightly higher pimples. ELFRARK is easy to use in the same playing situations as with a normal pimple out rubber. The player can send a tricky ball to the opponent like a long pimple rubber. However, if the player would like to hit a strong smash, it is possible to do it with high speed. Besides from this the new ELFRARK is has excellent balance in attacks and defense play. ELFRARK is also available without sponge, ELFRARK OX.
Product Name Price Qty
  Yasaka Elfrark Red OX
  Yasaka Elfrark Red 0.5
  Yasaka Elfrark Red 1.0
  Yasaka Elfrark Red 1.5
  Yasaka Elfrark Red 2.0
  Yasaka Elfrark Black OX
  Yasaka Elfrark Black 0.5
  Yasaka Elfrark Black 1.0
  Yasaka Elfrark Black 1.5
  Yasaka Elfrark Black 2.0

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Manufacturer YASAKA
Country of the brand
Type No
Thickness No
Pimples Long pimple
Hardness No
MainColor No