Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Ref. G4585

Big power easily block & top spinner with a great power. For an offensive blade in this category, there is no vibration through: the thin folds used - to the selection of high quality wood - the bonding process between wood and carbon.
All YASAKA wood are manufactured in Sweden by us, a guarantee of quality and know-how for 30 years
The design and manufacturing are the result of many years of tradition in the Swedish blade production, based on a drying process in three stages.
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  Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Anatomic
  Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Flared
  Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Straight
  Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Penholder

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Manufacturer YASAKA
Country of the brand Japan
Handles No
Blade type OFF+
Layers 5+2
Blades Feeling hard