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Rasanter C53 & C48
For the perfect counterspin
It is the most crucial table tennis stroke of the present: the counterspin. It is the answer to the opening spin, faster and more dangerous than a block - and often a direct winner or at least a massive advantage in the rest of the rally. Do you also want to optimize the stroke that will make the difference in the future? Then you better stay tuned now.

Rasanter C53 & C48 – The Answer
andro Rasanter C53 and C48 are the world's first table tennis rubbers specifically designed for counterspin. To cushion the incoming topspin in a controlled manner and to extend the ball contact time, the pimple design of the Rasanter C offers an integrated damper. This Counterspin Damper neutralises the topspin and enables controlled counter-rotation with an aggressive trajectory and the incomparable dynamics that only an Energy Cell sponge can deliver. This interaction of the counterspin design and the new upper rubber formula also opens up new options in the serve and return game. Serve with higher quality and return the ball more variable and precise.

Rasanter C48

·         You rely on the highest quality in serve and return, persistently pressuring your opponent with spins and counterspins.

·         Break with conventions, use the strengths of the ENERGY CELL technology: more power and quality in your strokes, high dynamics and longer ball contact feel.

·         The ENERGY CELL sponge with its highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer for all topspin variations.

·         Use the catapult and the above-average optimal hitting zone of the 48° hard sponge to add extra persistency to your game.

·         With the newly developed C geometry you gain control over your opponent's spin with help of the Counterspin Damper.

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