Dr Neubauer High Tech Cypress Carbon

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High dynamics, surprising control Our model HIGH TECHNOLOGY PLUS has been offering an almost unique combination of high speed and astounding control for many years. This new version HIGH TECH CYPRESS CARBON is based on it however we have made 2 decisive adjustments. The blade still comes with a balsa core albeit less thick. Also it now provides more stability and force thanks to the use of 2 carbon layers that are placed directly around the balsa core. In combination with outer plies made of American Cypress a very interesting combination of speed, good control and high efficacy is obtained. HIGH TECH CYPRESS CARBON is also a good match for an offensive type of game with pimple-out rubbers since both high speed and a low bounce will be produced. This fast offensive blade is a highly effective weapon for a modern topspin game as well as for counter-attacking and straight hitting.
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Manufacturer DR.NEUBAUER
Blade type OFF
Layers 5+2

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