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A dream: make a living of his passion

The history of DANDOY SPORTS is closely related to the one of its CEO and developer. Born and raised in Ciney (Belgium), Luc Dandoy quickly grew a passion for table tennis. He started quite early his player’s career that led him to the well-known team of La Vilette of Charleroi, which got famous mostly thanks to the Belgian champion, Jean-Michel Saive. Even if Luc didn’t enjoy such a thunderous career as the one of « Jean-Mi », he still was granted the title of 7th Belgian player of the season when he was 20.

Playing at such a level obviously opens doors and helps getting contacts in the world of table tennis. In 1983, Luc Willemaers – then well established in the table tennis business – offers him to manage a branch store in Jambes (Belgium). In 1985, the Ciney player decided to stop his partnership and open his own store Chaussée de Waterloo at Saint Servais (Namur, Belgium), then he moved across the road, in another shop that still keeps the same store sign. Finally, in 1991 Luc creates his SPRL (equivalent of a ltd.) and gives it the name DANDOY SPORTS.

A well-controlled expansion

In the 90s, DANDOY SPORTS established new selling points in strategic places in Belgium: Liège, Charleroi, Brussels, Hasselt and Antwerp. Those branches helped build the company’s reputation in the world of sports and mostly of table tennis, in Belgium but also in other countries. True to his origins, Luc Dandoy kept on running his business from Ciney and even decided to build his offices and warehouse in the blooming industrial estate of Biron. The building was expanded in 2006, in order to keep up with the growing international business of DANDOY SPORTS.

A pioneer of the e-commerce

In the early 21st century, a new but significant actor comes to change the world of trade. The DANDOY SPORTS team risked their chances on the internet and went over the Belgian and even the European border! This is how, thanks to a developer, an e-commerce pilot project was created with the domain name The risk taken was rewarding: today, the company is on the world market of table tennis, ranking in the top 5 of online-trade. Indeed, thanks to a logistic adapted to the activity, the company now sells table tennis equipment in more than 100 countries in a famously fast and professional way.

Luc DANDOY, CEO & Partner

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