Xiom Omega V Euro DF

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SOLID TECHNOLOGY FOR THE PLASTIC BALL PLASTIC BALL READY - FOR TOP PROFESSIONALS DYNAMIC FRICTION AGAINST SLIPPERINESS UNPRECEDENTED CONTROL AND EXTREME ANGLE SHOTS Dynamic Friction Technology is developed for the Plastic ball. Plastic ball will replace the Celluloid ball from 2014 in official games. Performance parameters of the Plastic vary from the Celluloid, which mostly impacts on the professional players. Dynamic Friction Technology originally adopted from the Snow Tire physics makes the unprecedented level of friction on OMEGA V. Dynamic Friction of the table tennis is different from the normal friction because the rubber in the fast movement should make the proper friction against the also fast moving balls, without the decline of repulsive power. Dynamic Friction rubber grabs the slippery Plastic balls far more firm and solid at the contact. Control of your ball with Dynamic Friction is simply beyond your expectation. And as a consequence, it increases the spin rotation dramatically - at the same speed. Thanks to the higher friction you can also catch the ball at the extreme angle, which is truly a professional advantage. Get ready and Win with us !
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Manufacturer XIOM
Country of the brand South Korea
Type OFF
Pimples Pimple in
Hardness Medium
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