Yasaka Silverline Carbon

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Yasaka SILVER CARBON is a high tech fast attacking table tennis blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden. SILVER CARBON has 2 thin carbon layers. The hard outer veneers in combination with the carbon layers make the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control) very large. With the SILVER CARBON technical players have a weapon useful for both own attacking play and fast, controlled, counter blockings. The SILVER CARBON is the blade for those who want only the best in technology and materials. Weight: around 90 grams Handles: straight, concave, anatomic, pen All YASAKA wood are manufactured in Sweden by us, a guarantee of quality and know-how for 30 years The design and manufacturing are the result of many years of tradition in the Swedish blade production, based on a drying process in three stages.
More Information
Manufacturer YASAKA
Blade type OFF+
Layers 5+2
Blades Feeling hard

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